Company Profile

The Avantee Mega Food Park is being set up in Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh on above 51 acres of land at Village Binjana, near Dewas, This would be one of the major breakthrough initiatives for food processing and agro-based industries in the central India. The park is sanctioned under the Mega Food Park Scheme (MFPS), the flagship programme of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries Government of India. Avantee Mega Food Park will be a complete solution to the infrastructure needed for the food processing sector in the region ushering in a wealth of opportunities for various stakeholder groups so that it can become the game changer for all stake partners.

The project aims for creation of modern processing infrastructure with cutting edge technologies apart from developing the basic infrastructure like wide roads, water supply, Un interrupted Power supply, ETP & STP, etc. The park will boost the economy of the region, known for its abundant & diversified food grains, vegetable & fruits. The cluster is blessed with best quality of wheat, soybean & potato, Garlic, Guava in India

The Avantee Mega Food Park will be based on the demand driven hub and spoke model with vital components like the Central Processing Centre (CPC), Primary Processing Centres (PPC), Collection Centers (CCs) and the integrated cold chain network that connects the CPC with the PPCs. It will meet growing demand of quality food for consumers and provide infrastructure facilities for food processing units along the food value chain and would have visible impact on the socio economic structure, leveraging the incentives offered by state for agro and food processing sectors making it the most preferred destination for entrepreneurs in related industries.