Vision & Mission


The Avantee Mega Food Park is poised to emerge as a paradigmatic infrastructure for entrepreneurs within the food processing industry. This avant-garde facility is designed to offer a streamlined and comprehensive support system, acting as a single-window solution for entrepreneurs seeking a hassle-free startup experience, a seamless operational environment, and unimpeded access to raw material linkages.

Key attributes and features of the Avantee Mega Food Park:

Single-Window Support: Avantee Mega Food Park serves as a one-stop destination, providing entrepreneurs with a unified platform to address various requirements related to establishing and running a food processing venture. This streamlined approach simplifies bureaucratic processes and administrative hurdles, ensuring a swift and efficient startup experience.

Snag-Free Operational Environment: The infrastructure at Avantee Mega Food Park is meticulously designed to create an operational environment that minimizes disruptions and challenges. State-of-the-art processing units, quality control facilities, and integrated logistics contribute to a seamless and efficient workflow for food processing businesses.

Trouble-Free Raw Material Linkages: Recognizing the importance of raw materials in the food processing industry, Avantee Mega Food Park ensures trouble-free access to essential inputs. The park strategically locates itself in proximity to regions abundant in agricultural and horticultural produce, facilitating easy and reliable raw material procurement for businesses within the park.

Professional Language and Protocols: Avantee Mega Food Park adopts a professional and industry-specific language, ensuring that entrepreneurs are well-versed with the nuances and protocols of the food processing sector. This approach aids in effective communication, collaboration, and adherence to industry standards.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance: The Mega Food Park prioritizes quality assurance through the establishment of cutting-edge testing laboratories and standardized processing facilities. This commitment to quality ensures that the processed food products meet and exceed national and international standards, enhancing the credibility of businesses operating within the park.

Financial Support and Incentives: Avantee Mega Food Park may facilitate financial assistance and incentives to entrepreneurs, including subsidies, tax benefits, and grants. This financial support aims to further encourage the establishment and growth of food processing units within the park.

Skill Development and Training: The park may incorporate initiatives for skill development and training programs, equipping entrepreneurs and their workforce with the necessary expertise to excel in the food processing industry. In essence, the Avantee Mega Food Park stands as a beacon of support for entrepreneurs in the food processing sector, offering a model infrastructure that combines operational efficiency, strategic location, and a commitment to quality. It is poised to catalyze the success of startups and contribute significantly to the overall growth and prosperity of the food processing industry.


Better and improved marketability of farm produce, creation of high quality food processing infrastructure, reduction in wastage, capacity building of the producers and processors and creation of an efficient supply chain along with significant direct and indirect employment generation.